Healthy through early detection

the Felix Burda Foundation saves lives

When the Felix Burda Foundation was founded in 2001, the foundation set as its goal to drastically reduce the mortality rate of colorectal cancer in Germany. Almost 100% of colon cancer cases could be prevented or cured by early detection. No other form of cancer has such a large potential for prevention and healing with early detection.

But still, every year 27,000 persons die in Germany from the effects of colon cancer � although it is the easiest form of cancer to prevent. Why do so few people go for preventive checkups? The main reasons are people are afraid of the checkup and are unaware of the chances prevention offers. The goal of the Felix Burda Foundation is to change this situation. Together with a multitude of partners � including the German Cancer Aid, the German Cancer Society, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians � and with the support of numerous celebrities, politicians and scientists, the Felix Burda Foundation is motivate people to undergo a screening examination and thus effectively reduce the morality rate of colon cancer in Germany.

Therefore the First nation-wide Colon Cancer Awareness Month, jointly conducted by all major cancer organisations at the initiative of the Felix Burda Foundation took place in March 2002... and since then every year. Many institutions, individuals and media organisations take their cue from the campaign and conduct regional and local activities of their own. The Colon Cancer Awareness Month receives a huge echo in the media. It also succeeds in creating a momentum: colon cancer screening, for the first time ever, becomes a subject of everyday conversation.

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Soccer Trainer Joerg Berger receives the Felix Burda Award 2009 from the winner of the previous year Wladimir Klitschko.
Barbara Schoeneberger presented the Felix Burda Award Gala 2009.
Ad campaign referring to the James Brown hit "I feel good" long as I have my colon checked. Sandra Maischberger fighting against colorectal cancer.
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