European Translators Award Offenburg

City of Offenburg and Hubert Burda Foundation award outstanding cultural achievements

We take it for granted that important books of foreign authors are also available in German - the translators mostly remain unmentioned, although their work turns out to be a valuable contribution to the European Unification. Only by translations works of literature become open to a broad and international audience.

Dignifying this contribution the City of Offenburg and the Hubert Burda Foundation award the annually „European Translators Award Offenburg�.

Translators who transformed a text original from a language of the European Union into German can be awarded. The award comes with a grant of 15.000 Euro as well as 5.000 Euro for a promotion award.
An expert commission designates one person as juror and laudator of the award. The laudator names the laureate who again decides on the promotion award winner. By this means the voice of the translators shall be positioned strongly during the bestowal of the „European Translators Award Offenburg�.

Please find more Information about commission members, laureates and the award ceremony here:

Peter Handke, Juror and Laudator 2008
Anne Weber, Award Winner 2008
Holger Fock, Promotion Award Winner 2008
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