German - Israeli Dialogue

In 1999 Hubert Burda founded the "Hubert Burda Center for Innovative Communications" at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva. In addition to teaching the sciences and educating students, the center encourages the interdisciplinary exchange between Israeli and European scientists, high tech companies, and politicians. This exchange involves subjects of socially relevant themes of the future � such as, for example, the Iconic Turn.

An important forum of the "Hubert Burda Center for Innovative Communications" is the "Cool People in the Hot Desert" conference. As part of this conference, the center and the Hubert Burda Foundation organized the excursion "Iconic Worlds � More than what we see" in May 2004. Top international representatives from research, the media, politics, the arts and sciences visited Israeli scientific institutions, companies, software laboratories and artist colonies. The core theme was the latest practical applications of the Iconic Turn and the increasing significance of visualization in the media, medicine, entertainment or military technology. Israel is a global leader in the development of the necessary software for this visualization.

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