Iconic Turn � The new image of the world

The twentieth century was the century of images. New technologies for creating and conveying images in the mass media and the visualization in the sciences of what was previously "invisible" have resulted in a paradigm shift, the Iconic Turn, also known as the Pictorial Turn. This implies that the deluge of images is a sign of a fundamental cultural change. Starting in the summer semester of 2002, a public lecture series at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, "Iconic Turn � The new image of the world", has devoted itself to the subject of the increasing importance of images. In the field of tension between the arts and the sciences, culture and technology, history and society, the lecture series has encouraged the interdisciplinary discussion of the significance of images in contemporary society. At the same time, an interdisciplinary colloquium on the theme of the science of images has been taking place since the winter semester 2004/2005 at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. The lectures from 2002 until 2003 were published as a book, entitled "Iconic Turn," by Dumont Publishing House. A follow-up book on this subject is already planned.


Iconic Worlds
Director Wim Wenders speaking about the Iconic Turn
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