What does the world of tomorrow look like?

The Burda Academy of the Third Millennium, founded in 1994 by Hubert Burda and directed by Christa Maar, is a forum for researchers, thinkers and visionaries from a wide range of disciplines and areas of society. Based on the ancient model of Plato's interdisciplinary academy, a pool of ideas was created, which searches for systematic answers to important questions of the new millennium, and makes it possible to "learn from one another."

With international conferences, workshops, lectures and publications, the Burda Academy invites experts to participate in interdisciplinary dialogues on the central questions of the present and the future. Over 200 lecturers have participated in this interdisciplinary exchange since 1994, including such personalities as the IT defender Esther Dyson, the architect Sir Norman Foster, the brain researchers Wolf Singer, Francisco Varela and Semir Zeki, and the robot technology scientists Luc Steels, Hans Moravec and Rolf Pfeifer.

After the conferences that examined the sociocultural effects of the Internet and computer technology, the Burda Academy confronted the important subject of medicine in the future for the first time in 2004 with an interdisciplinary conference in Heidelberg. Entitled "The Future of Medicine � The New Image of Humans," the conference featured talks by international scientists as well as the latest developments in research and technology in medicine, and also discussions on possible strategies concerning how to finance the health care system by intensifying the focus on prevention and making people aware that they are responsible for their own health. During the conference, the "Heidelberg Declaration" was approved, which calls for a common fight against obesity and adiposity. The declaration also contains a ten point plan to introduce concrete measures.


Stephen Hawking (picture by Wolf Heider-Sawall)
Dietrich Grönemeyer giving the key note speech fort he conference „The future of healthcare“
Publication of the conference „Internet and politics“
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