Preventive health care, literature, educating the general public, art, culture and the sciences � these are several of the many subjects that the Hubert Burda Foundation focuses on. Founded in 1999, the foundation organizes all of the non-profit activities of Hubert Burda Media. The foundation identifies the important subjects for the future in various areas, and takes theses subjects from a small panel of experts to a wide forum for public discussion. Since the foundation was created it has continually expanded its range of tasks. Each project of the foundation has one thing in common: striving to set up networks and establish communication.

The goal of the Felix Burda Foundation, which was founded in 2001, is through early detection to drastically reduce the number of 73.000 new cases of colorectal cancer every year. The Felix Burda Foundation's methods of positive communication and targeting specific groups have already resulted in making many people aware of this "taboo" subject and motivating them to seek preventive health care.

The Burda Academy of the Third Millennium is an interdisciplinary network of leading scientists, businessmen, artists, politicians and journalists and has offered a platform for dialogues between different areas of culture since 1994, and with interdisciplinary conferences and lecture series it has focused attention on many important themes of the future. From 2002 to 2006 the academy organized the interdisciplinary lecture series "Iconic Turn � The new image of the world" about the growing importance of the image in our culture and academic discourse in cooperation with the Center for Human Sciences of Ludwig Maximilian University.

The Center for Innovative Communications at the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva is sponsored by Hubert Burda Media and has been making a significant contribution to the dialogue between Germany and Israel since it was founded in 1999.

Starting in 1975, the Petrarca Prize has been awarded to honor the works of major contemporary authors and their translators; in 1995 the award was renamed to honor one of the recipients of the award, to Hermann Lenz Award. With the European Translators Award Offenburg and the Hubert Burda Prize for young Eastern European poets the Foundation patronises translators and young authors.

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